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Have a Pleasant Day


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Who am I?

Hi! I am happy that you are keen to know about me. I am quarter century old. I am normal human being with lots of dreams and miles to go. I am happy with my present life and enjoying every second of it. Of course that is required for any individual....
I am of 172 CMS height and weight one & half times of 50 KG Taj Mahal. Color is normal Indian color. I am cancerian - both sun sign and moon sign.
I started my first breath on 27th June 1979 @ 4:00 AM.
You can find below more details on my growth... :)
Hey! Here are the milestones that I crossed
1979: I opened my eyes to see this world.
1982: Started my education in Kattoor, Trichy. There I can still remember a very good teacher who showered affection and taught a lot. Her name is Lily. But I don;t know whether she works there or not. Unforgettable teacher.
1985: Joined in a new school. R.S.K Higher Secondary school, Kailasapuram, Trichy. Beautiful school managed by christian missionary. I got a very good base in this school. I studied here from IInd Standard to Xth Standard. It is CBSE School. Good quality in the education.
In the school of initial stages, I am an average student. But then got an opprtunity to prove. During school days I am interested in Football.
I had very good friends, close friends are Amuthan, Jeffry and Krihsnamoorthy. But don't know whether they remember me still because during those days, email was not well known. Also had good friends viz. Shyam, Ezhizhan, Manikandan, Venkatraman, Devanand, Manoj, Pradeep, Nithya, Suchitra, Praveena, Somasundaram and so on....
1994: Joined Muthiah Algappa Matriculation School, Kottaiur.Here I learnt a lot in my life. Good class and classmates. Very good friends but less contact. They are Abdul Hakkeem, Chidambaram, Arunagiri, Alagappan, Ramanathan, Arunachalam and so on.... Completed my XIIth standard in the year 1996.
You know I didn't kept my words. Scored first class. My dad was dreaming that I will get good marks. But I didn't. Then pains taught me good lessons.
1996: Joined B.Com. in National College, Trichy. To be frank here only I learnt a lot in my personal life. For joining here struggled a lot. After joining my dad asked only one thing "If you have scored good marks, then I think we wouldn't have struggled this much". He told in friendly manner only. But the words were so much paining.
You know if you scold somebody, that won't pain. But this will pain. But took it in the right sense, completed BCom with 65%.
In the meantime did NIIT in Trichy. Learnt about computers there. Got good friends viz. Srivatsan, Senthilkumar, Vijaya, Shrimathi, Suganya and Jambunathan. Each and everyone are peculiar character. Good friends. Unforgattable Sippy theater shows with them.
1999: Joined MCA in Annamalai University, Chidambaram. Very good place and got good new friends. All my classmates are my friends. It was a very good team. First year took the role of class representative. Good lessons and good learnings at good cost. I have to note about my professors also, viz. Mr.R.Chandrasekaran, Dr.R.Krihsnamoorthy, Mr.V.Srinivasan, Mr.N.Puviarasan, Mrs.Geetha, Mrs.Aruna, Mrs. Kirbahari and still to come.
Came out of the college securing 78% with flying colors and dreams without knowing the happenings. Did my MCA Project in Vetri Softwares, Chennai under the guidance of Mr.P.V.R. Good project and for which learnt the whole ASP in 1 week. Good experience.
In the meantime did my final semester of GNIIT program in chennai securing 81% in it.
May 2002: Joined Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai (ELNET office). will give you more details shortly.
December 2002: Joined Leading Softech Private Ltd, Koramangala, Bangalore. WIll give you more details shortly.
December 2003: Joined Digital Globalsoft Ltd, Bangalore (Later absorbed by HP). WIll give you more details shortly.

Taking a break from work

See the Innocence of the child... really cute... this how i used to take a break from my work...


A. Melodious Music
B. Self-Development activities.
C. Writing Tamil Kavithais
D. Reading magazines

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

@ A.R.Rehman music
@ Illayaraja Music
@ Adnandsamy music
@ Vidyasagar Melodies
@ Harris Jeyaraj melodies

Endrum Anbudan,